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The Board of Directors meets every first Tuesday of the month (except July and December). The annual meeting is held in late November in Micah E room at the High Point Church on Old Sauk Road. If you are interested on serving on the Board of Directors, please contact the Board President.

Your Wexford Village Board of Directors September 2019

President                Dick Ihlenfeld           rwi@chorus.net                  831-5359

Vice-President         Sally Drew               2besally@gmail.com            370-2730

                                      Also Saukdale Condos Representative

Secretary               Troy Dreyer             troydreyer@yahoo.com       347-7572

Treasurer              Paul Stang               paulstang@msn.com           836-3857

Members               Jim Rather               therathers@aol.com            831- 9638

                             Ken Schmidt            wstmsng@yahoo.com         831-3089

                             Darrin Pope             drp@chorus.net                 827-6365

                             John Guequierre       guequijp@msn.com             836-8766

                                                Also High Point Gardens Condos Representative


                             Jaye Barbeau           barbeau2@gmail.com          358-2281


                             Stephanie Farnia       stephanie.farnia@gmail.com 203-8346


                   Steve & Elizabeth Ackermann stv.ackermann@gmail.com 556-1641



Architectural Review Committee                             Jim Rather, Darrin Pope,

John Guequierre


Covenants Enforcement Committee                         Dick Ihlenfeld, Sally Drew


Contracts (grass mowing, weed control & fertilization, path

          light repairs, walking path maintenance, snow plowing)    Dick Ihlenfeld


Directory & Database Maintenance                          Dick Ihlenfeld, Troy Dreyer

Website Maintenance                                             Dick Ihlenfeld, Rob Behrens

Wexford Watch Newsletter                                    Brianna Wolbers, Troy Dreyer

Ice Skating Rink & City Parks Dept Contact              Ken Schmidt

Wexford Park & Traffic Circle Flower Planting/Xity Parks Liaison  Ken Schmidt


Welcoming Committee                                            Jaye Barbeau


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