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Parks & Natural Areas

Blackhawk Park 9252 Old Sauk Road
9.6 acres
Everglade Park 406 Everglade Drive
3.8 acres
Haen Family Park 7702 Tree Lane
4.25 acres
Junction Ridge Park 8502 Elderberry Road
9.85 acres
Kettle Pond 5805 Old Middleton Road
The retreat of the glacier 10,000 years ago left many "kettle holes" in the Madison area. A pond surronded by woods provides habitat for a variety of wildlife in this small park. (0.4 miles of trails on 8 acres)
Mineral Point Park 126 South Yellowstone Drive
8.5 acres
Owen Conservation Park 6021 Old Sauk Road
On a hilltop overlooking Madison's west side, this park was the farm and personal retreat of former University Professor Edward T. Owen. Today, prairies and oak savannas have risen like a phoenix to reclaim the landscape. Conefloweres, goldenrod, and bluestem are among the many plants that yield a harvest of ever changing color and texture throughout the year.
(3.4 miles of trails on 93 acres.)
Sauk Creek Park 402 North High Point Road
4.17 acres
Stricker's Pond Conservation Park 7214 Longmeadow Road
This glacial "kettle pond" is an excellent place to view migrating waterfowl during spring and fall. The adjacent woods and restored prairie provide a diverse habitat for a variety of wildlife (.8 miles of trails on 14 acres in Middleton)
Swalltail Park 901 Swallowtail Drive
3.51 acres
Walnut Grove Park 202 North Westfield Road
20.17 acres
Wexford Park Our own neighborhood park at Sawmill and Westfield Rd. Tennis, shelter, Basketball, Soccer field, playground.


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