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This article is meant to be of assistance to residents in better understanding what is required of them as Village property owners and tenants.

Wexford Village Homes Association is a formalized association of home and condominium owners that have established certain legal agreements, known as covenants and/or deed restrictions, that identifies and restricts certain activities and maintains consistent characteristics of all lots located within our Village. These covenants were legally recorded onto the deed to your property by the original developers of Wexford Village (prior to the sale of any lots). These covenants are legally attached to the land in Wexford Village and cannot be removed or altered over time. Although individual covenants of each addition to Wexford Village may vary slightly, the major provisions contained in all the covenants are as follows:

All lots shall only be used for residential purposes (as a principal use).
Only two domestic animals may be kept on any of the premises and must be housed within principal structure. Specifically, no outside kennels or pens are allowed.
No accessory buildings are permitted (e.g. storage buildings, detached garages, tents, etc.).
Complete visual screening of front, rear, and side boundaries of any lot, either by fence or landscaping, is prohibited.
Minimum home square footage requirements are set forth.
No temporary dwellings are permitted on any lot.
All building plans, additions, decks, allowable fences, etc. must be approved by the Wexford Village Architectural Review Committee.
All areas of lots not used as a building site must be in lawn or cultivated as a family garden or otherwise landscaped. No noxious weeds or unkept areas of the yard are allowed. Lot must not be kept vacant, unimproved, or unkept. Unsightly or undesirable objects or appearances are not permitted.
Drainage from all lots must be in accordance with recorded plat maps so as not to change or obstruct drainage swales. Lot elevations must be approved by the Wexford Village Architectural Review Committee.
No fences over 36" high shall be permitted, except where required around swimming pools.
No above ground swimming pools are permitted.
Minimum side yard and set-back requirements apply to all structures.
No service vehicles owned or operated by residents may be parked anywhere other than inside garages, except for the purposes of temporarily loading/unloading.
Boats, utility trailers, travel trailers, mobile homes, campers, and other recreational vehicles may not be stored anywhere other than in garages. Boats and campers cannot be stored on driveways, along side of home, or underneath decks.
All lots are subject to annual assessment by the Wexford Village Homes Association, an if not paid, the Association can and will obtain a judgement (e.g. lien against property) against the nonpaying lot owner.
All lots are subject to special assessment by the Association if necessary, to enforce recorded covenants.

This list is solely meant to be a general overview of the recorded covenants of Wexford Village Homes Association. Please refer to the covenants that you are legally bound to when you purchased your home. They should be attached to your title insurance policy or abstract.

Over the past few years, the Wexford Village Board (as required by our by-laws) has successfully pursued legal action against several property owners for covenant noncompliance. Legal fees and costs to enforce and pursue covenants are assessed to the nonconforming property owner and a lien may be place on the property.

Though the covenants are legally enforceable, Wexford Village Homes Association hopes that through education and awareness, our residents can contribute towards a high quality of life by adhering to the legal agreements that we committed to. In doing so, Wexford Village will remain an attractive and vibrant neighborhood, by providing a consistent and enjoyable environment for all residents.

Questions regarding Wexford Village Homes Association covenants can be directed to Sally Drew at 370-2730 or Dick Ihlenfeld at 831-5359.

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