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The Wexford Village Homes Association (WVHA) publishes a Bi-annual Wexford Village Directory for the exclusive use of WVHA members. We do not sell our mailing list to other sources. The directory comes out during the summer months and is distributed by the Board.

If you are new to the area, Welcome! Please use the following form on the website to tell us a little about yourself. This will allow us to include you in the next directory. If you need a directory, please contact the the Board president

This directory, like all the WVHA board functions, is entirely a volunteer effort. Many hours are involved in collecting, verifying and organizing the directory. We have made every effort to make it accurate and complete. With constant changes and the large amount of data, however, there is a potential for error. We hope any mistakes do not inconvenience you, but please let us know of any errors and we will correct it in the next edition. To update your information, you can contact the Directory Editor

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